Black Forest homestead

A fox comes furtively over the meadow,

Followed by a deer and a doe,

Nibble rose petals and berries among the bushes.

The blackbird’s melodies

Charm me in the evenings,

From the neighbour’s rooftop

Or a TV antenna in a nearby house.

The Schwarzwald wind from the Vale of Hell

Sings to the leaves of the willow at dusk.




Black Forest, Germany

A birdhouse hangs below a spire,

To feed the avian friends through winter.

The spotted woodpecker that was rescued

Comes to the garden with its mother.

The blackbird has a worm in its beak,

And dashes to feed its babies.

The lilacs look lovely,

With violet flowers in clusters;

The white flowers crown the Zierapple tree,

And even the white rhododendrons are flourishing.